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              2. National Advisory Service Hotline


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                  42% Thiabendazole suspending agent
                  Appearance light yellow or grey whtie suspending liquid
                  Item Index
                  content ≥42%
                  suspension percentage ≥75%

                  Preservatives of fruits and vegetables;
                  Bactericide of crops;
                  Treating agent of seeds;
                  Milk increasing agent of dairy cattle.

                  Packaging 10kg plastic drum, 0.25kg and 0.1kg plastic bottle.
              3. Add: North of Xujia Fast Track, Xuzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China.
                P.C.: 221011
                Tel: +86-516-68002688 , 68386888 , 68002555
                Fax: +86-516-68002677
                E-mail: mxf@noonchem.com

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